Transparency Platform

Todos nuestros proyectos utilizan la plataforma Clear Carbon para garantizar total transparencia en tiempo real, desde la etapa de desarrollo hasta la comercialización y mantenimiento, incluso en contextos de baja conectividad.

For what can you use this platform?


Allows visualization of all transactions involved in a project

Social Safeguards

The tool facilitates compliance with social safeguards by providing the framework and monitoring for their implementation.

It allows for continuous learning to strengthen important concepts about carbon projects and markets, ensuring the involvement of landowners.


It facilitates information management and project administration from the development stage to marketing and maintenance. It allows for expense tracking, supplier management, project income, among others.

It streamlines the audit processes for buyers by providing clear and organized information within a single platform.

Real Time Access

It allows access at all times through a cloud-hosted console. This platform is connected to a WhatsApp chatbot so that even users in areas with low connectivity can have simple and immediate real-time access to their information from their mobile phones.

Increase transparency in your projects.